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Taxis in a tight race against ride-sharing companies in Winnipeg

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In 2023, taxis provided about 52% of rides, compared to about 48% for ride-sharing companies. (Archive photo)


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In Winnipeg, the market share of taxis has declined in favor of ride-sharing companies like Uber, according to a report submitted to the city council

Indeed, since the arrival of the Californian company in the Manitoba capital three years ago, it has occupied an increasingly important place there, according to the document tabled at a board meeting in December.

In 2021, taxis took nearly 78% of rides in the city, compared to just over 22% for carpooling companies.

However, in 2023, taxis provided approximately 52% of rides, compared to approximately 48% for ride-sharing companies.

According to the report, the number of rides offered in Winnipeg also reached a record high, with 6 million rides in 2022, an average of 557,000 per month.

As of August 2023, an average of 715,000 rides have been offered per month, an average increase of 28.4% in rides per month compared to 2022, writes the general manager of the Winnipeg Parking Authority, Randy Topolniski, in the document.

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According to the manager responsible for chauffeured vehicles in Winnipeg, Grant Heather, this data shows that residents' habits have changed.

The costs The cost of a vehicle is high and with inflation, people make choices, he said.

Driver Hart Macklin works for Uber since the company arrived in Winnipeg in 2020. Finding clients is a slow process, but it's getting better, he notes.

According to him, the increase in the number of trips does not necessarily correspond to an increase in his income, since the number of drivers is also increasing.

According to the report submitted to the municipal council, the number of chauffeur-driven vehicles available increased from 1,784 in 2022 to 2,693 in 2023.

Additionally, despite the increase in carries, Hart Macklin isn't entirely happy with the increase. Most people who use Uber in Winnipeg are those who have already used it while traveling in another city, he says.

For her part, Uber spokesperson Keerthana Rang maintains that ride-sharing and taxi companies coexist in Canadian cities.

By offering more options other than owning a vehicle to get around, the market is growing for everyone, she wrote in an email.

The two largest taxi companies in Winnipeg, Duffy's Taxi and Unicity Taxi, did not respond to requests for comment from CBC/Radio-Canada.

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