Tarn: Call for caution after bacteria detected in river

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health It was the intoxication of a dog that raised the alarm about this pollution found outside authorized bathing sites. Water sports enthusiasts should be extra careful

Tarn : Call for caution after the detection of bacteria in the river

The Tarn river, here, in the crossing of Albi. Illustration — Sergi Reboredo

In the heat of the dome, the cool waters of the Tarn river are very tempting. But the prefecture of the department calls for vigilance this Wednesday after the discovery of “benthic cyanobacteria”, “outside declared bathing places” The samples were taken. carried out by the Syndicat mixte du Bassin Tarn Aval à Grave; following the report of the intoxication of a dog.

These cyanobacteria form “films” green, dark brown or black to the surface of pebbles, which can break off and accumulate, forming what looks like a rock. clumps of seaweed around the edges. “In some cases, they can release toxins that pose a health risk; humans or animals” who either ingest them or are “in direct contact”, specifies the prefecture. It also emphasizes that no lethal human poisoning has been reported. registered at this day in France.

No ricocheting, no frying

The public authorities, however, call on all bathers or those practicing nautical activities (rowing, canoeing, paddle, etc.) to exercise “vigilance (…) on all sites declared or not” located on the course of the Tarn. In particular, they recommend preventing children from playing on the banks with pebbles, keeping dogs on a leash and consulting their doctor in the event of the appearance of suspicious clinical signs (gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis , dizziness, dizziness) after swimming.

It is also recommended not to eat whole fried small fish caught in the Tarn.