Taras Topolya rozpovіv, like zustrіv his 35th line at the front

Taras Topolya rozpovіv, like zustrіv his 35th line at the front

Taras Topolya rose to the front, as if he had his 35th line on the front

On the 21st of Chernya, the popular artist Taras Topolya celebrated his National Day. The man blew thirty-five years. Narazі vykonovets perebuvaє at the frontі. Vіn muzhny harrow the country against the Russian occupiers. However, a person does not forget about his followers.

Taras Topolya tries to actively contact them. Recently, I posted a new addition on the side of Instagram. The soloist of the group “Anti-tila” rose, like a sound of his own 35th century.

For in the words of Taras Topoli, this day of the people will be remembered for a long time. The artist is doing yoga for the first time, not in the same time. Through the war, Taras Poplars of turmoil will be separated from their relatives. However, the blame for this, that the victory is close at hand.

scho svyatkuє not more than people's day. Behind the words of Taras Topoli, the very 21 worms of the “Antitil” group, fourteen rokivs are sung. The followers immediately hooted the artist with generous greetings. The stench favored the man of good health, that apparently most vicious return home.

Taras Topolya cheered the users on for the warm words of that favor. And also the artist has shown what special souvenirs will be given to the team, who will donate to support the ZSU. The person's details are attached to the attachment.