Taras Topolya knew for what reason to turn to the front

Taras Topolya knew for what reason to turn to the front

ZMI the novelty flew around, that the group of “Antityla” was leaving the front. 

<p>So, ZSU commander-in-chief Valeriy Zlaluzhniy gave the command to take abi musicians from the battlefield for another mission. The new goals of the artists were gracious concerts, which start from the zhovtnya. Now “Antityla” is destroying the tour, abi brati koshti for Ukraine.</p>
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< p> Having explained Taras Poplar at the evening show “Glory + Tanya” on the YouTube channel of the radio “Lux FM”, he had the proposition to sleep together with Edom Shiran at a concert near Warsaw. Just like Zaluzhny and vyrivishiv “let the lads out of the Kharkiv region.

She, following the words of Taras, was ready to turn around at once, as if for some insolent need.

“Antityla “We have seen the first 6 months of our life. They killed a lot of things, they blew a lot of things. That way, the commander-in-chief would give an order to turn back to the front line, mi tse obov’yazkovo zrobimo. Naked: we are overwhelmed by the soldiers of the 130th troop battalion. However, now our task is to help support the army financially for help creativity.