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>> Taras Shevchenko was born on March 9/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

March 9 is the birthday of the Great Son of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko. On this occasion, Radio MAXIMUM has collected for you in one material the apt quotes of the writer dedicated to Ukraine.

The words of Taras Shevchenko have always been considered prophetic. Therefore, now, more than ever, it is important to turn to his work. You should know these quotes of the writer, because they are dedicated to our country!

Quotes from Shevchenko's poems about Ukraine
Prophecies about the war in Ukraine

Quotations from poems Shevchenko about Ukraine


Fight – you will win, God helps you! For you is truth, for you is glory and holy will!

“Both the dead and the living…”

There is no Ukraine in the world, no second Dnipro, and you venture to a foreign land to look for the good.

< strong>“Dream”

I love her so much, I love my poor Ukraine so much, that I will curse the holy God, I will lose my soul for her!

< "To Osnovyanenko"

“Both dead and alive…”

Ukraine reached the very edge. Worse, her children crucify her.

“It is hard in captivity, even though there is freedom…”

An empty heart, as I remember , who will not be buried in Ukraine, who will not live in Ukraine, loves people and the Lord.


Love, black-browed, But not with the Mockals, Because the Mockals are strangers, They do evil to you.

“Both dead and alive…”

If you studied as you should, Wisdom would be yours too.

“Tarasova night”

Ukraine is sad – this is its fate!

“Will we meet again? …”

Love your Ukraine. Love her… In a fierce time. In the last, difficult minute, pray to the Lord for her.

Quotes of Taras Shevchenko about Ukraine, which each of us should know

“Sometimes, in captivity, I sometimes remember”

I gave all my misery to My Ukraine-God.

Prophetic quotes from Shevchenko's works about Ukraine and the war with Russia

In the poem “Heretic” there is a passage, which perfectly describes our state during the times when it was ruled by Viktor Yanukovych.The apostolic throne here can be considered the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the appearance of which was predicted by the holy apostle Andrew Pevozvanny. But in the image of a monk, you can recognize the disgraced Pasha “Mercedes”. In addition, it is depicted how the representatives of the Yanukovych regime leveled both the statehood of Ukraine and our state symbols, in particular the anthem “Ukraine's glory and will are not dead yet”. The tormented people are silent.
And on the apostolic throne
A well-fed monk sits.
Shreds with human blood
And Paradise is rented out!
Heavenly King! Your judgment is incited,
And Your kingdom is incited.
Robbers, cannibals
The truth was defeated,
They mocked Your glory,
And power and will.

Revolution of Dignity and “Fiery Cross”.describes the end of the poem “It's the same to me”

But it's not the same to me,
How evil people make Ukraine
They will fall asleep, the wicked, and in the fire
They will wake her up, robbed…
Oh, no the same for me.

The beginning of the war in 2014 can be recognized in an excerpt of the poem “To the Poles”. When the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred fell, as well as other first victims both in the east and in the south of our state.

Cossacks bowed their heads,
As if trampled grass,
Ukraine is crying, moaning-crying!< br> Behind the head is the head
Fall down. The executioner rages…

The current head of the Kremlin can be recognized at the beginning of the comedy “Dream”. There he is in the image of someone who looks beyond the edge of the world with an empty eye. True, this also applies to many other rulers of Russia, because imperial ambitions are what unites them.

Everyone has his own destiny
And his path is wide,
One builds, the other destroys ,
That eyeless eye
Peers to the edge of the world,
Isn't there a country,
To take it with you
Take it as a home.

But in the poem “Standing in the village of Saturday…” you can read a prophecy about Tomos and the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In this case, the Moscow Patriarchate can be recognized in the Church-homeland.

Don't laugh, foreign people!
The Church-homeland
Will collapse… and from under it
Ukraine will rise .
And dispel the darkness of slavery,
The world of truth will illuminate,
And they will pray in freedom
Slave children!

The very poem “My friendly message to my dead, living, and unborn countrymen in Ukraine and not in Ukraine” can generally be considered a prophecy from its beginning to the very end. Let's pay attention to the passage about the historical truth. Here, in the image of a German, you can recognize Putin, who before the full-scale invasion told fables about the creation of Ukraine and tried to interpret our history in his own way.

The German will say: “You are the Mughals.”
“The Mughals! The Mughals!”
Golden Tamerlane
Naked grandchildren.
The German will say: “You are Slavs.”
“Slavs! Slavs!”
Glorious great-grandfathers
Great-grandchildren are bad!

Dastbi… Someday we will
And they will speak in their own way,
As the German will show
And besides, he will tell us the story
Ours, –
Then we let's go!..

The “brotherly love” of Russians towards Ukrainians is very aptly described in the poem “Caucasus”. What we have seen from the first days since February 24, 2024.

According to the law of the apostle
You love your brother!
You talkers, hypocrites,
Cursed by God!
You love on to my brother
Skin, not soul!
Yes, you flog according to the law
To the daughter for a coat,
to Baystryukov for a dowry,
to the woman for patina. To Osnovyanenko” we are told about the information war, countering Russian propaganda and that the world will definitely know the truth about the events in Ukraine.

Laugh, February will strike!< br> But not really, because everything perishes –
Glory will not rest;
It will not rest, but will tell,
What happened in the world,
Whose truth, whose wrong
And whose children are we.
Our thought, our song
Will not die, will not perish…
Here, people, is our glory,
Glory of Ukraine!

Quotes of Taras Shevchenko about Ukraine that each of us should know

Let's pay attention to one more fragment from the poem “Caucasus”. In it, Taras Shevchenko prophesies victory for us all. Note that these are the words read by our defenders in Balaklia, liberated from Russian occupation, when they disrupted Russian propaganda on one of the big boards.

And glory to you, blue mountains,
Covered with ice.
And to you, great knights,
God has not forgotten.
Fight – you will win,
God helps you!

For you is the truth, for you is the glory
And the will is holy!

We believe in our victory. And we believe that we will defeat the Russian invaders. And we urge you to read yours, learn yours and support yours. Listen to the words of Taras Shevchenko and return to him not only on March 9, but also every day!

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