Taproot support added to LND Lightning client

Taproot support added to LND Lightning client

In LND Lightning client added support for Taproot

Lightning Labs developers have released a beta version of the LND client for Lightning Network with support for some of the latest improvements to the Bitcoin protocol, including Taproot.

In addition to the ability to make transactions from Taproot addresses, the LND 0.15 release includes solutions such as:

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  • New remote procedure call (RPC) methods to support MuSig2 experimental multi-signature;
  • Reduce database size by approximately 95% by reducing information stored in revocation logs. This helps save disk space;
  • improved pathfinding variable, allowing payments to reach their lowest cost destination faster;
  • new neutrino subserver, which extends app developer tools.
  • Principal Lightning Product Development Specialist Labs Michael Levine noted that LND 0.15 helps make the Lightning Network more «reliable, resilient, and secure».

    What is Lightning Network? (beginner's guide)

    As a reminder, in April the Lightning team Labs introduced the Taro protocol for launching stablecoins on the Lightning Network.

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