Tanya Brik and her name was Rozenka

Tanya Brik and her name was Rozenka

Tanya Brik and her name was Rozenka, they sang bright changes in the sky

convey to the shanuvalniks “special messages”

Help for the project “Ukrainian Super Top Model 2020” Tanya Brik, as she entered the contest for a promotional promo about defending women against domestic violence, she didn’t want to be separated by mere words, and to show for the help of humor what to instill in her dearest girl deep in her soul, the right woman-vamp is alive.

For whom, I posted a video on my Instagram, on which I post a cob in the image of a modest homemaker, and then rapt – & # 8220; at the click of a finger & # 8221; transforming into an unsafe beauty, which is better “do not put your finger to your mouth”.

Acts of the follow-up The aunts rated the video as a tension – moving, do not varto underestimate that image “domestic women&#8221 ;, even in the skin of them alive & # 8220; beautiful and not safe & # 8221; hut, it’s better to love those kind of whips, and not “bring to a boil”.

Tanya Brik in an unusual image

In the comments, the followers indicate what to look for ” light ” in eyepieces, Tanya is not much like & # 8221; simple “. Ale, more of the weather is coming – smartly, such a beauty can easily turn into a vamp woman, it’s better to be careful with them.

Tanya Brik and her name was Rozenka.Another beautiful woman, yak zvivuvala sharp changes in zvnіshnostі, tse “named” chi “gromadyanskaya squad” great vice-premier Pavel Rozenok - TV presenter Olena-Kristina Lebid.</p>
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<p> Vaughn looked like a cardinal krok, appearing in the form of a monster.</p>
<p>“I want to tell you that I … so scary”,” the beauty said.</p>
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Obviously, a lot of shanuvalniks were out of the blue: what was going on with Christina?

It turned out that more than a special trick, for the help of someone out there, she voiced about turning to TV її programs & # 8220; її new schedule for the exit.

Surely, the shanuvalniks hastened to calm Olena-Kristina, writing that she’s really beautiful, and it’s not so easy to worry about changing the image through Timchasov’s image.