Tanker Maersk Etienne that rescued migrants was barred from entering EU trade ports

Tanker Maersk Etienne that rescued migrants was barred from entering EU trade ports

The crew of the Maersk Etienne tanker rescued a group of migrants from Africa, and then the named vessel was banned from entering the commercial seaports of the EU member states. The issue of accommodating people has not been resolved, they are on board the tanker.

Tanker Maersk Etienne rescued migrants banned from entering EU trade ports

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The ship left Genoa a month ago with no cargo on board. Then the tanker headed for Tunisia. Soon, on 4 August, a notification was received from the Maltese Rescue Center. As it turned out, shortly before this, the AlarmPhone organization had received a distress signal from a boat that set off on August 2 from the coast of Libya. There were 27 people on board. The captain said that he received an order from the coordination center to interrupt the movement along the route and go to the place from where the SOS signal came. Soon the crew noticed a wooden boat with migrants. Food and water were handed over to the small boat, along with this help did not arrive in time for the people. Then the captain lifted all 27 people on board, as the wind intensified.

The tanker is currently located near the coastline of Malta in the Mediterranean, with no country agreeing to accept refugees. For this reason, the vessel does not yet have a port of destination. A video message for help was sent to the European Union. Support was also provided by the UN Refugee Commissariat, which also appealed to the EU leadership to allow migrants to go ashore.

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