Tank T-90M can be equipped with an active protection complex “Arena-M”

Tank T-90M can be equipped with an active protection complex “Arena-M”

The T-90M tank can be equipped with the Arena-M complex, which provides active protection for military equipment. An indication of this path of modernization is present in the materials of 38 Scientific Research Institute of BTVT of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Tank T-90M can be equipped with an active protection complex

Image via: wikimedia.org
Experts report that for a period of time up to 2025 inclusive, improved tank models in terms of their own capabilities and level of efficiency will maintain parity with the basic developments of foreign military forces. After 2025, it will be necessary to carry out a new modernization of the tanks of the Russian Federation, TASS notes, citing research materials. One of the scenarios for improving the T-90M tanks is the equipment of the model with the Arena-M complex. For this, on the front of the hull, instead of the Relikt system, the module used to equip the T-14 Armata will be used.

The sides of the hull will receive reinforcement with hinged dynamic protection in strong containers. To increase the overall endurance of a tank in combat conditions, systems for the implementation of electromagnetic protection, along with a complex of counteracting the guidance of anti-tank modules, can. An automatic fire-fighting system equipped with autonomous power supply is envisaged, as well as a Lesochek jammer to eliminate the threat from radio-controlled mines and detonating devices.

The T-90M tank is a deeply modernized version of the T-90 assembly. The equipment is equipped with a fundamentally new turret and a more efficient engine. The T-90M armor received a special anti-slip coating, which is similar to that used on the current version of the T-14.

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