Taliban seek to buy gasoline in Russia – Reuters

Taliban seek to buy gasoline in Russia – Reuters

Representatives of the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan have moved to the final stage of negotiations with Moscow on a contract for the purchase of gasoline and benzene in Russia. Please inform Reuters about the requests to representatives of the Afghan Ministry of Trade.

Талібан домовляється про закупівлю бензину в Росії – Reuters

Офіційний представник Міністерства торгівлі та промисловості Афганістану Хабібурахман Хабіб підтвердив, що делегація талібів перебуває у Moscow and are completing the laying of contracts for the supply of wheat, gas and oil.

The contracts were laid after the fact that the delegation of the taliban in the country had won the contract and #8217; for conducting trade negotiations.

As appointed, and Russia, and Afghanistan, which is a shocking Talibi, are colliding with economic sanctions from the side of international institutions.

A foreign order, including Moscow, officially does not recognize the administration of the Taliban, and Afghan banks have been subjected to sanctions, through yaki more There are some international banks that don't want to work with them.

The official said that they were planning a plan for how payments would be made, and also asked to give details about those who would be victorious with official banks.