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Taiwan presented a kamikaze boat inspired by the successes of Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Taiwan presented kater-kamikadze , inspired by the successes of Ukraine

The Taiwanese shipbuilder presented a new “unmanned boat”, inspired by Ukraine's successful use of surface drones to destroy Russian warships in the Black Sea. The novelty under the name FJ-002 serves as a universal test platform with the potential for military use.


The boat has a displacement of less than 20 tons and can be used for various tasks: kamikaze, reconnaissance, mine clearance . Its development follows the concept of unmanned fleets presented by the Taiwanese military.

Technical specifications of the FJ-002 include an overall length of 16.5 meters, a width of 3.8 meters and a draft of about one meter. The cruising speed exceeds 30 knots (about 55.56 km/h), the autonomy is more than 555.6 km, the fuel reserve – 1300 liters. The boat is able to sail autonomously without GPS and communication equipment, returning to the base thanks to its own computing power.

Multifunctional platform FJ-002 can be used for trawling and laying mines, as well as for attacks on enemy ships. It serves for testing and verification of various sensors, electronic communication equipment, jammers and electronic intelligence technologies (ELINT/EW). The project makes it possible to improve autonomous guidance, control software and algorithms.

Natasha Kumar

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