T-therapy has helped scientists to achieve success in the treatment of blood cancer

Known medical method of CAR-T therapy is used for those suffering from cancer people. Recently the doctors with her help attacked several malignant tumors.

Т-терапия помогла ученым достичь успеха в лечении рака крови

Known in the medical field therapy CAR-T has been successfully used by doctors to treat patients who were previously diagnosed with blood cancer. It modifies personal cells T of the sick person, incorporating part of the antibodies that can recognize the unique features on the surface of cancer cells. In another study, researchers were able to significantly increase the potential goals of such a method. Utilizing artificially created T cells, they struck on malignant tumors taken previously in humans and rodents.

In the new work, a group of specialists have tried to study the target protein to which are attached small in size of the sugar chain. Their anomalous dimensions can be explained by the results of the mutation. Associated with aberrant sugars drugs detect primarily cancerous cells and avoid healthy. According to scientists, such a development though, and remains at the initial stage of development, but the application of a single T-product gives the opportunity to hope for the future treatment of cancer.

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