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Switzerland wants to relax arms export rules, but will keep the ban on Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

Switzerland wants to ease arms export rules, but will keep ban on Ukraine

The Swiss government wants to be able to bypass the country's strict neutrality to allow more arms exports. At the same time, the state is not ready to lift the ban on supplies to Ukraine.

Bloomberg writes about this.

Switzerland prohibits the sale of weapons to countries at war, unless they are fighting under a UN mandate. Because of this, Swiss gunsmiths lost business even against the background of the global defense boom. Thus, sales abroad fell by 27% to 697 million francs (709 million euros) in 2023.

Now the Cabinet of Ministers proposed to lift export restrictions in "exceptional circumstances" within a limited time, if it corresponds to the “interests of foreign policy or national security”. Lawmakers demanded more flexibility to support the Swiss arms industry.

It is noted that about three quarters of Swiss arms exports go to Europe. Germany is the biggest market, buying almost 170 million francs (€173 million) in 2023.

The government has already said it will not use an exception to allow supplies to Kyiv. Switzerland has banned Germany, Spain and Denmark from sending Swiss-made weapons to Ukraine.

Natasha Kumar

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