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Switch 2: Nintendo reassures players with this big announcement

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

The Nintendo Switch 2, as it is currently called, is due to be revealed in less than a year. It is therefore logical to consider a release in 2025. This is all the more plausible since Shuntaro Furukawa revealed part of the strategy for launching the manufacturer's next console.

Switch 2: Nintendo reassures players with this big announcement

the switch 2 soon to be revealed by nintendo

< p>We still don't know its release window and even its official name, but the information around Nintendo's next console is becoming more and more precise. Some time ago, the manufacturer revealed that it would lift the veil on the “Switch 2” before the end of the current fiscal year, i.e. by the end of March 2025. We can therefore ;legitimately think that this one will go on sale a few months later, before 2026.

The most optimistic players might even hope for a surprise release for Christmas 2024, but it seems somewhat premature. However, there is hope because information about this Switch 2 is becoming more and more numerous. Recently, Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo, was questioned by investors about the long-awaited console. be reassured and able to ensure that the Big N strategy is viable. And the answers from the CEO of the firm are very reassuring!

Switch 2: Nintendo reassures players with this big announcement

fight against scalpers and avoid the shortage of consoles

If you are familiar with the video game industry, you probably know the term “scalpers”,which refers to these unscrupulous resellers who buy games and consoles en masse at low cost. their release, in order to create a shortage and encourage consumers to buy more. get supplies from them. Obviously, they take advantage of this to charge exorbitant prices in order to play on the law of supply and demand. This is how in 2020 and 2021, we found; PS5 and Xbox Series for more than 1,000 euros on many online sales sites. To prevent this phenomenon from tainting the release of the Nintendo Switch 2, Shuntaro Furukawa revealed the release of the Nintendo Switch 2. a very simple strategy: produce enough consoles. 

ÇIt seems stupid to say it like that, but it could work: the more there are consoles available in official points of sale, the less players will be tempted to purchase them. by scalpers' offers.We believe that the most crucial step in countering resale is to manufacture sufficient quantities to satisfy scalper demand. customers”,declares Furukawa.

Switch 2: Nintendo reassures players with this big announcement

In a report from the analysis firm Omdia published; in January 2024, we learned that Nintendo would seek to; produce 10 million copies of its Switch 2 in the first year.And this is possible, Furukawa again. According to the President of the Japanese firm, the shortage of components which slowed down its production. The production of PS5 and Xbox Series four years ago is now completely finished. Finally, the boss of Nintendo announced; thatother more specific measures should be taken depending on the regions of the world. It does not specify which ones, but we can for example imagine a limited number of consoles ; for each order, or per player. The problem is that scalpers today are very well organized. We will therefore have to see if Nintendo manages to achieve this. find viable strategies to ensure the smooth launch of your Switch 2.

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