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Sweltering heat affects millions of US residents

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Sweltering heat affects millions of US residents

Severe heat hits parts of the US from the Midwest to New York England.

Millions of people celebrated Juneteenth (a federal holiday on Juneteenth, established in memory of the emancipation of slaves), sweltering in the heat, including in northern Maine, where such weather is rare at this time of year, reports “The Voice of America.”

Cariboo, Maine, just 16 kilometers from the Canadian border, recorded a record temperature of 39.4 degrees on the heat index, which takes into account heat and humidity.

The National Weather Service said the region was under a heat advisory, and Caribou's high of 94.5 degrees was higher than Miami's 91.5.

Several locals said June temperatures typically hovered in the 60s and 80s, with the humidity rare.

“I've probably never seen June this hot before,” said Hannah Embelton, 22, an ice cream shop worker in Caribou.

According to the National Weather Service, hazardous temperatures are expected to peak in the eastern Great Lakes and New England on Wednesday and Thursday, and in the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic states on Friday and Saturday.

The heat index is expected to rise in many places will reach 37.7-40.5 degrees.

"We are seeing a ridge of high pressure that is bringing all this heat from the southern US", – said Kyle Pederson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boston.

Cities where cooling centers opened this week said public libraries, senior centers and swimming pools where residents can beat the heat will be closed for the holiday.

A recent study found that… Because of climate change, heat waves travel more slowly and therefore affect more people for longer.

Last year in the United States there was a record number of heat waves, when abnormally hot weather lasts more than two days, since 1936.

Chicago broke a 1957 temperature record Monday, when the temperature reached 36.1 degrees, the National Weather Service said.

In California, wildfires broke out east of San Francisco in historical region of the state “Golden Country” and in the mountains of northern Los Angeles County after a quiet start to the fire season.

Fires in southern New Mexico damaged 500 buildings Tuesday in a mountain village of 7,000 people that was promptly evacuated okay.

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