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Swedish BMPs, which are in service with the Armed Forces, have been combined with a drone: it increases the efficiency and safety of combat missions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Swedish BMPs, which are in service with the Armed Forces, combined with a drone: increases the efficiency and safety of combat missions

Carmenta, BAE Systems H&auml gglunds and UAV manufacturer Airolit have joined forces to integrate autonomous drone surveillance capabilities into the CV90 combat vehicle. This collaboration aims to improve situational awareness on the battlefield and extend the range of the vehicle's sensors.

The project involves equipping the CV90 with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) unmanned aerial vehicles, which allows for silent, pre-programmed surveillance missions and collects real-time video intelligence. The prototype developed by Carmenta has already demonstrated the effectiveness of these drones during test flights, confirming their transformative potential in modern military operations.

Stefan Thelin, Chief Technical Officer of BAE Systems Hägglunds, emphasizes the strategic importance of such integration:< /p>

«Autonomous drones provide vital real-time data that is critical to fast, informed decision-making on the battlefield.

These drones act as autonomous faithful guides, projecting the visual data they receive directly onto a 3D map.

Users can analyze this information in real-time using Varjo's VR mixed reality headsets, creating an immersive collaborative experience. This advanced analytical capability is essential for decision-making in critical situations.

Torbjörn Lönnqvist, CEO of Carmenta, is proud of this collaboration:

«We have developed an adaptable and scalable technology for tactical drone control, making us a key partner with BAE Systems Hägglunds in this cutting-edge project».

< p>The project uses Carmenta's expertise in geospatial technologies to create covert routes for drones, thereby increasing the effectiveness and safety of CV90 combat missions. The technology allows drones to navigate by following terrain and avoiding enemy threats, thus enhancing the vehicle's tactical and strategic capabilities.

The successful integration of autonomous drones into the CV90 is an important step in reconnaissance and surveillance. By improving the range of sensors and the quality of the intelligence collected, this project positions BAE Systems Hägglunds and its partners at the forefront of defense technology, ready to meet today's challenges on the battlefield with innovative and effective solutions.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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