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Swearing in the mayor of Sept-Îles Denis Miousse

The emotion was palpable during the swearing-in of Denis Miousse, now mayor of Sept-Îles.

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The mayor of Sept-Îles , Denis Miousse, and two municipal councilors, Alexandre Leblanc and Chantale Vaillancourt, were sworn in Sunday morning at Sept-Îles city hall.

With the support of the head of Uashat mak Mani-utenam, the new mayor plans to “work together to move forward together”.

Denis Miousse says he can't wait to start working on the many projects that are on the horizon in Sept-Îles.

After signing the book However, he spoke, during his first official speech, of a new time, of decisions which will modify the landscape of the municipality of which this day marks the first step taken.

The elected official recalled the projects at the heart of his priorities, namely the construction of the emergency room and the operating room of the hospital and the construction of a new arena, which will certainly have its place in the budget of the city.

Meetings are already planned to develop the budget with members of the municipal council.

The achievements of the new municipal council will be made with the support of the Innu community. Uashat mak Mani-utenam Chief Mike McKenzie attended the swearing-in.

We are entering a new era of collaboration. Chief McKenzie, I extend my hand to you, to make this collaboration a guarantee of success which will benefit our respective populations with respect for all, said Denis Miousse.

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Innu chief Mike McKenzie.

Mike McKenzie also seemed enchanted by this outstretched hand from the mayor of Sept-Îles.

He mentioned that other intermunicipal agreements could see the light of day, such as the creation of a position of relations officer between the two peoples.

He also wants the establishment of a common sporting or cultural infrastructure, which would become a meeting place between Innu and non-natives for perhaps succeed in reducing racism.

Denis Miousse will make his future decisions with a certain thought for the youngest. The one who wants to make the city beautiful and welcoming also sent a message to his granddaughters, who also attended the swearing-in. A visibly moving moment.

I will not forget that all the decisions we make will have an impact on your future life in our city, he said. -he shares.

While he was a candidate, Denis Miousse defined himself as the candidate of continuity. Today, he reiterates: I don't want to turn everything upside down.

It was also swearing-in day for two municipal councilors elected on November 12, Chantale Vaillancourt and Alexandre Leblanc.

We board a moving train, a machine already in place, illustrates Mr. Leblanc, councilor for the Marie-Immaculée district.

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Denis Miousse is surrounded by members of his municipal council and the leader of the community of Uashat mak Mani-utenam.

The latter takes the place left vacant by the new mayor. Big shoes to fill, he believes.

His predecessor had some advice to give him to begin his mandate: take good care of those who gave me the chance to represent them during the 17 recent years.

With two years to go before new elections, the two councilors expect to enter the heat of the election. action quickly.

With information from Catherine Gosselin

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