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“Svitlobot”: Ukrainians have created an application for tracking blackouts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

"Svitlobot": Ukrainian IT people have created an application to track blackouts


IT developers Andriy Bulanov and Kostyantyn Mededenko, who specialize in applications for Android and iOS, implemented the “Svitlobot” application, which provides automatic monitoring of electricity supply.

The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. The developers reported this on Linkedin.

The application allows you to receive notifications about the presence of light in a home, residential complex or office in real time.

Do you always want to know if there is light in your apartment? Is it important for you to know the exact time of turning on and off the light? Are the residents of the “home group” tired of writing about the change in the state of light and got into a fight over it? Now you can find out about the current state of the light thanks to our new application, Andriy Bulanov said on LinkedIn and thanked Kostyantyn Mededenko for his significant help in the development.

Among the advantages of “Svitlobot”, he singled out:< /strong>

  • constant monitoring of power supply;
  • alerts in real time;
  • convenient and intuitive interface.

"Svitlobot": Ukrainian IT people have created an application for tracking blackouts

“Svitlobot ”

To start using the “Lightbot”, you will need to charge your smartphone at home or in the office, and then synchronize it with your main smartphone according to the video instructions.

Depending on whether the device is charging, the main smartphone will receive notifications about whether the power supply is available or not.

However, it requires two phones to use. The developers advise you to take an “old Android” to monitor power outages at home, in the office or in the garage. Residents of high-rise buildings can create a common “home location”.

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