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Suspected of corruption: Medvedchuk’s friend from the Bundestag was searched today

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

Suspected of corruption: Medvedchuk's friend from the Bundestag was searched today

A politician of a right-wing populist party “Alternative for Germany” (“AfD”) Peter Bystron, who is the second number of the party in the European elections, is being searched.

Spiegel reports this with reference to its sources, writes “European Pravda”.

< p>According to the publication, the Munich prosecutor's office has initiated an investigation against Bystron. In this regard, since the morning of May 16, searches have been carried out at premises associated with him in Berlin and Bavaria, as well as in Mallorca and at the office in the Bundestag. In total, about 70 law enforcement officers are involved.

The politician is allegedly suspected of corruption and money laundering.

The Bundestag previously agreed to the investigation and lifted immunity from Bystron; during the voting, only the AfD abstained. .

Suspicions against the deputy relate to the case surrounding the Voice of Europe media resource, which acted as an instrument of Russian influence and propaganda in Europe.

Czech intelligence services said in March that the site was used to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and disinformation at the direction of Viktor Medvedchuk, against which the Czech Republic imposed sanctions.

The media company could also covertly provide financial support to “convenient” for Russia's candidates for the European Parliament elections, including Bystron, who is his party's number two in the European elections and has appeared frequently on Voice of Europe.

In an interview recorded in February in Prague, Bystron complained that the German government coalition was not meeting farmers halfway but was giving large amounts of military aid to Ukraine, and that the government “has money to kill people in other countries, but there is no money for German farmers.”

According to journalists, Czech services have video and audio evidence that Bystron took money. The politician himself initially denied the accusations.

Spiegel notes that Bystron knew Medvedchuk personally for many years and even came to visit him.

Further investigation should determine whether Bystron violated German law . According to the current rules, to prove a violation it will be necessary to establish not only that the deputy took the money, but also that it was in exchange for a certain service related to his mandate.

An earlier publication reported that the Kremlin wanted to help “AfD” with a strategy for winning the elections.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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