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Un suspect arrested in 1988 Byron Carr murder January 26 that she arrested and charged Todd Joseph Gallant, of Souris, in the 1988 murder of Byron Carr.</p>
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Charlottetown police announced Friday the arrest of a suspect in the investigation into the death of Byron Carr, a 36-year-old teacher found dead on November 11, 1988 in his home on Lapthorne Street.

Todd Joseph Gallant, a 56-year-old man also known as Todd Joseph Irving, of Souris, was arrested late Thursday morning. He is charged with first degree murder and indignity to human remains.

The accused has a prior criminal record and was living in the United States since the late 1980s before returning to Prince Edward Island in 2022.

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Several relatives of Byron Carr attended the press conference organized Friday by Charlottetown police to announce that a suspect had been arrested in the 1988 Byron Carr murder case.

Charlottetown Police Chief Brad MacConnell cited significant evidence in this more than 35-year-old investigation.

Byron Carr, who was a teacher in Montague, was strangled to death using a towel. His remains were discovered on November 11, 1988.

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Upon discovering the crime scene, police found the alleged killer's underwear as well as a message written on the bedroom wall, I will kill again, which had sparked fears of the existence of ;a serial killer, a hypothesis not subsequently confirmed.

During their investigation, the police concluded that Carr had been murdered by a male sexual partner.

A lot of sensationalism accompanied the investigation at the time, particularly because of sexual orientation revealed by the victim.

Byron's death took place during a dark and unfortunate time in our province, where people from the LGBTQIA2S+ community did not feel welcome or accepted, forcing many like Byron to live in the shadows and to taking unnecessary risks, lamented Brad MacConnell during Friday's press conference.

At the time, the police also encountered difficulties obtaining testimonies. The lack of confidence of many members of the gay community to confide in the police had contributed to this silence.

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Charlottetown police held a news conference Friday regarding the investigation into the death of Byron Carr.

It was Brad MacConnell who reopened this case in 2007. Hundreds of witnesses were questioned, including some who only came forward 20 years after the tragedy. The police officer gradually opened new leads, succeeding in establishing a chronology of the facts as well as a profile of the killer.

Visibly moved in front of the members Byron Carr's family present at the press conference, he thanked them for their patience.

We wish we could have given these answers sooner.

A quote from Charlottetown Police Chief Brad MacConnell

This twist, more than three decades after the fact, was made possible thanks to advances in DNA analysis and genetic genealogy. Brad MacConnell also mentioned joint work with American police services.

According to Charlottetown police, another person was arrested and then released in this affair. It is not known at this time whether other people are involved.

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