Susana Villarán: Rafael Vela highlights the accusation filed against former mayor, the tenth in the Lava Jato Case

Susana Villarán: Rafael Vela highlights the accusation filed against former mayor, the tenth in the Lava Jato Case

The prosecutor indicated that the presentation of the accusation against the former burgomaster determines her progress towards an oral trial.

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Susana Villarán: Rafael Vela highlights the accusation filed against former mayor, the tenth in the Lava Jato Case

Rafael Vela referred to the accusation filed by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez against the former mayor of Lima Susana Villarán for receiving contributions from Odebrecht and OAS. (Photo: GEC file)

The superior prosecutor Rafael Vela, coordinator of the Lava Jato Case special team, highlighted this Friday the accusation filed against the former mayor of Lima, Susana Villarán, the tenth so far in her administration.< /b>

In dialogue with RPP Noticias, the representative of the Public Ministry indicated that the accusation against the former mayor of the capital determines her process towards a future trial oral.

“Having completed, in this case, the tenth accusation, as was made public knowledge yesterday, that is, the accusation against Mrs. Susana Villarán and a group of people who were also within a criminal organization structure, determines the progress of the cases and their culmination towards stages already of definitive transit. That is, where the guilt or innocence of all these accused persons will be determined through a public oral trial”, he expressed.

He indicated that international cooperation and the disclosure of 'codinomes' allowed the culmination of the case of Susana Villarán and affirmed that the Brazilian company Odebrecht continues to comply with the delivery of information, backed by the computer servers Drousys and My Web Day.

“International cooperation and the collaboration of the Odebrecht company have continued to be active, which is why today we are in a position to culminate the accusation of the case of Mrs. Villarán,”, he asserted.

As is recalled, the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez filed the accusation against the former mayor of Lima and requested 29 years in prison for allegedly having received illicit contributions from the Odebrecht companies and OAS.

The Public Ministry reported that the complaint is for illicit association to commit a crime, collusion, money laundering, generic falsehood and false statement in administrative procedure.

“The Prosecutor's Office requested a 29-year prison sentence against Villarán, for the alleged formation of a criminal organization that received more than US$10 million in illegal contributions from the construction companies Odebrecht and OAS to continue in command of the municipality”, he detailed on Twitter.

Regarding the statements of Keiko Fujimori's lawyer, Giulliana Loza, who indicated that the Public Ministry has not been able to prove the existence of illicit funds to the presidential campaigns of Fuerza Popular in the Cocteles case, Rafael Vela clarified that they are part of a “disinformation campaign”.

“It is completely false and the best demonstration is that the judge has already sanitized the investigation stage related to sanitation. That is, at this stage the possibility of filing is not decided, only formal corrections are made to the content of the accusation, that is, inconsistencies or material errors”, he stressed.

Finally, Vela recalled that other accusations presented by the special team include that of former president Alejandro Toledo for the Interocéanica case; the Lima Metro case; that of the former regional president of Callao Félix Moreno; that of the Cusco Expressway; and the Ecoteva case.

“We have 10 fiscal accusations that are mega-cases, the case of the Mrs. Fujimori of course or the case of Mr. Ollanta Humala, which are also highly mediatic cases and have a very important public interest”, he sentenced.