Susana Boreal recounted her experience of sexual abuse on Twitter and left the troll cold

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The House representative for Antioquia assured that her sex education project could prevent cases like the one she suffered

Susana Boreal recounted her experience of sexual abuse on Twitter and left a troll cold

Susana Gómez in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, on November 16, 2022.

This Thursday, November 17, the representative to the Chamber for the Antioquia department of the Historical Pact movement, Susana Gómez Castaño —better known by her stage name, Susana Boreal—, left a troll and all cyber users on the social network Twitter cold. confessing that she was sexually abused. She made this revelation in connection with her presentation of the bill to establish comprehensive sexuality education throughout Colombia.

The day before, on Wednesday the 16th, the congresswoman had participated in the plenary session of the House of Representatives to present the details of the project. Among other things, Gómez said in his speech that “comprehensive sexuality education is a teaching model that is adopted by the States through these international treaties, so that through a curriculum, cognitive aspects can be taught and learned.” emotional, physical, and social aspects of sexuality.”

The representative mentioned that the main motivation of this initiative is to care for Colombian children and that they have heard ideas from the opposition to modify the articles. For example, the text no longer mentions the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) —an entity that has promoted this type of initiative in the world and has been accused of being globalist by the sectors of right—

It also promises respect for school autonomy and the participation of the educational community in each particular curriculum, since “for everyone's peace of mind, (the project) does not seek to replace but rather complement the training that families give their children in sexuality. It is precisely to give more tools to boys, girls, young people, but also to teachers in training, practicing teachers, health personnel and the entire educational community”. The contents would also be scientifically accurate, gradually implemented and appropriate to the level of development, multidisciplinary and with a gender and human rights approach.

After having given her dissertation, Boreal was congratulated on the social network by her colleagues in the legislature, such as the president of Commission VI of the Chamber, Jaime Raúl Salamanca. “Tremendous exhibition by @SusanaBoreal on the project #EducaciónSexualParaDecidir. Also excellent @AlejoGarciaRios. Proud of her argument. Let's hope the House supports them. I, as President of Commission VI, where the project comes from, support you!” said the parliamentarian.

A user reacted to this enthusiastic trill from Salamanca with the following message: “Let's hope you get over the trauma of the rape your dad did to you.”

Susana Boreal recounted her experience of sexual abuse on Twitter and left the troll cold

Revictimizing trill against congresswoman Susana Boreal

After the avalanche of messages of repudiation from Boreal's followers in the face of a revictimizing comment in poor taste, the congresswoman herself decided to respond that, indeed, she had been a victim of sexual violence but not by her father.

“I did get raped, but it wasn't my dad. There were two guys aged 26 and 28 when I was 14. It is precisely the aim to provide Comprehensive Education in Sexuality so that we can prevent these horrors and that there are no comments like yours justifying that. Education is Prevention”, replied the conductor.

Susana Boreal recounted her experience of sexual abuse on Twitter and left the troll cold

Susana Boreal's response to a revictimizing trill

In solidarity Several public figures responded to the Antioquian woman's confession. “You can tell the difference between those who speak from experience and those who speak from prejudice. Sorry @SusanaBoreal. Hopefully all Colombians can access quality sexual education so that no one has to go through a situation like this,” said Bogotá councilor Diego Laserna.

“Misogyny is calculated therefore, collective intelligence falls resoundingly”, added the anthropologist and influencer Mónica Godoy. “Susana, I am very sorry that you have gone through that and now for the idiocy of the people who comment. Tight hug. You are not alone,” added adult film star Amaranta Hank.