Survivors coronavirus Oksana Pushkina told about the problems of treatment

Oksana Pushkina, famous TV presenter and member, spoke about the problems faced during treatment of coronavirus. The parliamentarian reported the disease on 13 may, after 10 days of treatment she was discharged home, but she remains in isolation.

Переболевшая коронавирусом Оксана Пушкина рассказала о проблемах лечения

Initially, Oksana Pushkina said that carries the coronavirus without symptoms, and lung damage is minimal. Temperature was not a politician, so she decided that she will be treated at home. Soon health began to deteriorate, and the doctors insisted on hospitalization. According to Oksana Pushkina, the first day started cold, I also had a runny nose, a cough and aching skin, but other patients were observed more severe symptoms. After the injections were bruised, but it is a feature of the body politics. From Pushkina very thin veins that begin to “run away” from any touch. Treatment of coronavirus, the MP said powerful impact on the body. Painful was the shots to the abdomen. As told by a celebrity, she was taking antithrombotic medication. Thrombosis is recognized as another complication COVID-19 affecting the severity of infection. A week later as the Deputy began to stabilize.

A few hours ago Oksana Pushkina said that in a hurry to return home. He thanked for the support of friends and relatives, especially the doctors who are daily risking their lives to save others. The MP stressed, the doctors work in difficult conditions and hardly see their families. Protective suits reminiscent of a tool for torture. They are very hot, fogged up glasses, and gloves it is difficult to manipulate. Even eating and going to the toilet for hospital staff is a big problem, since it is necessary each time to disinfect yourself and equip. Oksana Pushkina believes these people are true heroes, and asks his countrymen to be more human to myself and others in this difficult time for the whole world.

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