Surprising phrase from Neymar: he acknowledged that Qatar 2022 could be his last World Cup

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The PSG forward analyzed his present shortly after the start of the World Cup and referred to the criticism he receives when playing with his National Team

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Surprising phrase from Neymar: he recognized that Qatar 2022 could be his last World Cup

Neymar, the main star of Brazil (@CBF_Futebol)

There are a few days left before the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and the different teams are beginning to finalize details to arrive in optimal conditions. This is the case of Brazil, who finished first in the South American Qualifiers and is one of the top contenders for the title.

In an interview with Globoesporte, Neymar, the main reference in attack for the Verdeamarela, analyzed the criticism he receives in his country and was surprised to recognize that this World Cup could be the last.

“That was my dream, what I projected. Of course, playing for the Brazilian team was my dream. Just playing for the national team is surreal. It was a dream that I was not fulfilling only for me, but for my friends, who could not play professionally, for my father, for my grandfather, for my family, ”the PSG star began the story of him. Wearing the Canarinha shirt, the striker won the 2011 South American Under 20 Cup, a Confederations Cup in 2013 and the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Despite being one One of the best on the planet, the attacker is criticized for his way of being off the pitch. “Are the demands high? Yes. Are there unfair situations? Yes. There are also injustices for being Neymar, for being what I am in the Brazilian team. I hear things that I look at and think, 'it doesn't make sense'. I can't reach the numbers I have without being careful, without having trained, without having fought to conquer all of this. I can't break records all the time, every day. I worked for it, I trained for it, I stopped doing much for it. Unfair criticism, in that sense, hurts me because nobody knows the reality I live. Nobody knows my day to day. The people around me, the ones who are closest to me, know very well what I do to be well, to be 100 percent, so as not to injure myself. Injuries happen, they are part of the athlete, of the footballer, ”he explained. And then he added: “I take care of myself every day, I prepare for it. I do the things I have to do to play good football in the game. The day I don't want to take care of myself anymore, I won't play soccer. It's not because of that, it's not like that. People have to understand that my life is not how they imagine it. She is how I want her to be. I'm here for that, to break records, to try to make history in the national team.”

Neymar, 30, also surprised by not ruling out Qatar 2022 as his last World Cup. “I will play as if it were the last. I talk to my father, we always talk. We play each game as if it were the last because you don't know tomorrow. I can't guarantee that he will play another Cup or that… I honestly don't know. I will play as if it were the last. Maybe I'll play another one, maybe not. It depends… he's going to change coaches, I don't know if the coach will like me.”

The Brazilian stressed that his decision will not have to do with the physical part. “Nope. It depends on how I'm going to be. It's something I don't want to say anything about right now. I want to play this Cup, dedicate myself to it, because I am sure that we have the potential to go very far. Even if many people don't trust us, we will demonstrate the different. I see that this Selection has many fruits, many good things, and I see that we can go a long way.”

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