Surprising images of Android 12 leak and offer a first glimpse

Surprising images of Android 12 leak and offer a first glimpse

Journalists from XDA-Developers have put on several screenshots announcing the main new features that we can expect to see on the version of Android 12, the official release date of which we still do not know.

This is not the first time that an editor from XDA-Developers witnesses a leak of the new version of Android when the same thing happened in 2020 with the previous version.

On the other hand, this time, it is not the beta version reserved for developers that has leaked, but rather an internal Google document that presents some new features of Android 12 using screenshots. which fell into the hands of the techno website.

Google plans to bring the famous widgets back to the front in version 12 of Android. Credit: XDA-Developers.

The comeback of widgets

First, we can notice that Google wants to boost the popularity of its widgets. While they are not new per se, the fact that Apple launched its first version this year has undoubtedly rekindled developers’ interest in staying competitive.

Not only will the menu be more obvious and easier to use, it seems to allow them to be placed on the desktop, but we also see a novelty: the conversation bubble.

If we trust the screenshot of XDA-Developers, we see that these will allow us to collect all kinds of information on our contacts such as recent messages, missed calls, if they are online or even more. recent status.

Surprising images of Android 12 leak and offer a first glimpse

The new settings drop-down menu has been completely changed compared to that of Android 11.

A menu of notifications and parameters that surprises

On the other hand, among the list of new features, the thing that surprised the most was the redesign of the drop-down menu of parameters.

First, we notice that Google has completely dropped the transparency effect between each of the notifications.

The shortcuts to the quick actions are displayed in fours rather than 6, but their look has been edited and blends better with the new shape of the shorter, rounded notifications.

Surprising images of Android 12 leak and offer a first glimpse

Android 12 will also offer new privacy features. Credit: XDA-Developers.

Finally, Android seems to have a function already present on iOS and which lets you know when an app is using the microphone or the camera of our phone.

Rather than a bright spot like its competitor, Android 12 reserves a section of its status bar that can be clicked for more details.

Speaking of the camera and microphone, these can now be completely disabled and it will be easier than ever to do so, right from the privacy settings of our device.

It is not known when the official launch of Android 12 is planned, apart from the fact that this version is due out in 2021.

The developer-only version hasn’t been released either, but it shouldn’t be too late. At that point, we risk learning a lot more about all the surprises that Google has in store for us.

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