Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Support for teachers of FAE: more than 180 families received food aid

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Hundreds of items were distributed to Granby teachers affiliated with the FAE.


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The operation organized to help the teachers of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), on an indefinite general strike for a month, was a great success Saturday in Granby. As many as 180 families received food aid, clothing and other items.

The surplus toys brought by citizens will be redistributed to breakdown centers in Granby, Waterloo and Farnham.

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Around a hundred families of teachers affiliated with the FAE received donations to help them get through the holiday season.

Organizers also distributed more of 20,000 dollars in gift cards.

Wave of generosity for FAE teachers on strike in Granby

LoadingPublic sector negotiations: the majority of unions have a hypothesis of agreement

ELSELSE ON INFO: Public sector negotiations: the majority of unions have an hypothesis of agreement

Saturday, the president of the FAE, Mélanie Hubert, indicated that negotiations had intensified with the Treasury Council. There are still topics under discussion and there are still answers to be obtained, but I can confirm that things have been working very hard since [Friday], she said.

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