Support athletes and coaches in Ukraine: how it makes

Each set of sports nutrition – this is a great opportunity for athletes to strengthen the immune system, to prove his excellent physical shape

Quarantine and forced isolation – not the most positive time of course, each of us already tired of hearing and reading bad news and you want something good and bright. One of the leaders in sales of healthy food store no one else understands us, shares our mood and knows how to please in this difficult time for all period.

Therefore, not gone unnoticed by the large-scale event – the health food store held a raffle which participants were able to get quality sports nutrition for the sum up to 1000 UAH. Each set of sports nutrition – this is a great opportunity for athletes to strengthen the immune system, to prove his excellent physical shape and show a good example to their clients and pupils. – to support the health of Ukrainians

More recently, visit a health food store in Instagram held a cool event in which 300 coaches were able to get a free set of good healthy eating. Participation in the raffle was a great opportunity to confirm the status of an experienced and qualified coach, get a gift and become a more relevant example for the students.

Поддержка спортсменов и тренеров в Украине: как это делает

This scale promotions and contests rarely take place in Ukraine, so clearly reflected on the huge number of participants. This, in turn, tells you only how many in our country are top-class athletes and coaches at the highest level. They are a great example for all of us, as investing in its development a huge amount of time, develop iron will power and strong character.

The draw shop turned out to be quite ambitious. It was attended by more than 700 coaches from different sports. Applications received for many days, for processing them have had to use a whole team of employees. A pleasant surprise for many others who, unfortunately, failed to win, became consolation prizes and everyone received a gift that will bring your body a favor and will be a great addition to a proper healthy diet.

Whether such generous support a good tradition? An interesting question, answered by the Director of the network of health food stores “It is very important that every athlete, every coach felt his importance, and felt his own contribution to the development of health. But who will support themselves trainers, who will provide them with the token, who will be a source of positive emotions? Yes, we will make every effort for the development of sport, healthy and happy Ukrainian nation. The campaign received a lot of feedback – and so it proved to be necessary, timely and appropriate.”

The athletes on the store page in Instagram only confirm all of the above health food store showed a great example of his initiative.

Surely this relevant as ever the action will not be the last and it makes sense to follow the news of the store on the Internet to know what other interesting and important events will be held in the near future. Remain calm, knowing that the health of Ukrainians is in safe hands.

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