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Superman: this Guardians of the Galaxy actor wants to join James Gunn's DCU

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

After launching the theGuardians of the Galaxy franchise at Marvel Studios, with the success that we know of, James Gunn was the first to lead the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise at Marvel Studios. recruited by Warner Bros. to oversee the overhaul of the DCU. While the first chapter of this revival, Superman, is in full preparation, one of the stars of his MCU trilogy has expressed the wish to join him at the competition.

Superman: this Guardians of the Galaxy actor wants to join the DCU by James Gunn

this actor from Guardians of the Galaxy is a fan of James Gunn, and it shows

Wait for it&nbsp ;July 9, 2025 in cinemas, SupermanJames Gunn's changing title will see David Corenswet take over from Henry Cavillin the role of the famous superhero. Filming of the DC film, currently underway, allowed fans to discover the first “stolen” photos of the actors in the skin of their characters. One of the stars of theGuardians of the Galaxy franchise benefited from it to come and greet the director, and she did not miss it. to express their desire, if possible and coherent, to join the DCU. Chris Pratt, who lends his features to Star Lord for ten years already, answered questions from our colleagues at TMZ, without revealing which character he would like to play.

I have to let the fans and people like James [Gunn] decide. I'm not really sure.I'm not sure at all.

Superman: this Guardians of the Galaxy actor wants to join James Gunn's DCU

However, the actor has no hesitation station about wanting to join the DCU if offered!

Yes, of course. If it could fit into my schedule and it made sense, I would love it. Of course, I love playing Star-Lord, and I hope there's a chance he comes back. I feel so blessed to be able to do all of this, to be considered for this. for all that. If it's the right choice and the fans love it, I'll be more than happy to do it.

What do you think? Would you like to see Chris Pratt dive into the DCU? And if so, in what role?

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