Superman: DC Reveals The Darkest Way To Kill A Kryptonian, And It's Not Kryptonite

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Superhero emblematic of DC, Superman is known for his weakness > face to face; Kryptonite. But it seems there is an even darker way to defeat Clark Kent and the heroes who hail from Krypton

Superman: DC reveals the darkest way to kill a Kryptonian, and what is not Kryptonite

Superman, not so invincible as çhas ? 

Let it be in comics, in movies or even TV series, Superman has always been presented like an extremely powerful superhero. Between his superhuman strength, the lasers he can swing with his eyes, and his ability to to fly to phenomenal speed, the Kryptonian is feared by his enemies. It must be said that in addition to his incredible powers, he also has a resistance to fire. foolproof, or almost.

Fans indeed know that, like the rest of the people from the planet Krypton, Superman can be greatly weakened – even completely neutralized. – by Kryptonite, this initially green stone which withdraws all powers to; Superman, Supergirl, and the like, and capable of killing them with prolonged exposure.But in the eighth comics book Dark Knights of Steel covers that there is a much creepier and more painful way to defeat Kryptonians.

Superman: DC reveals the darkest way to kill a Kryptonian, and it's not Kryptonite

A particularly painful death in prospect

Dark Knights of Steel, it is a series of comics, the eighth volume of which was released at the beginning of November. We follow alternate versions of well-known characters from the DC universe,in a kind of medieval parallel world. Volume #8 marks the first battle of the terrible “War of the Three Kingdoms” in come, the Kingdom of the House of El (Superman and his allies) is under attack; by enemy Amazon and Storm Kingdoms. Accompanied by his companion Wonder Woman, Supergirl (here a version of Zala Jor-El, the sister of Superman in the series, is then seized with a strange illness.

Superman: DC reveals the darkest way to kill a Kryptonian, and what is not Kryptonite

If you don't understand what you see above, it's just Supergirl spitting water. But from where? comes this? Returned from the dead thanks to black magic,the terrible Prince Jacob, who has the power to control water, attacks the young Kryptonian at distance. For this, he attacks him at all. distance by causing all the water in her own body to emerge, causing Supergirl to drown “inside”, unable to breathe. If we don't know for the moment if she survived, we can affirm without batting an eyelid that this is the case. a much darker way to kill a Kryptonian like Superman: to be horrible, but to die by drowning without even being submerged; in the water must be even worse. Well, we're not going to try.