Superman and Lois season 1: a new “very badass” costume for the hero

Superman and Lois season 1: a new “very badass” costume for the hero

Superman and Lois season 1: a new

Superman and Lois season 1: a new “very badass” costume for the hero When Tyler Hoechlin will find his character of Clark Kent in his own series Superman & Lois expected in 2021 on the CW, he will be entitled to a nice surprise. One of the producers of the superheroic fiction has indeed promised, season 1 will see the hero wearing a brand new costume. Warning for spoilers.

No release date has yet been revealed for Superman & Lois – the Supergirl spin-off worn by Tyler Hoechlin (Clark) and Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois), but season 1 of the new adventures of DC's most famous superhero Already promises us a pretty cool thing: a new costume.

A new badass costume

During the DC Fandome event organized this weekend, Todd Helbing – the showrunner of this new superheroic series within the Arrowverse, has indeed announced that Tyler Hoechlin will not wear the same outfit as the one he had during his appearances in Supergirl or during the gigantic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Well, I'll say everything about it. Basically, Tyler Hoechlin was only supposed to be there for the different crossovers and this costume was therefore not made to last the time of a series ” he said. entrusts. In fact, since the outfit worn by the actor was not designed to last indefinitely, the creative team had no choice but to create a new one. And rather than copying the one that already existed, she had the good idea to imagine something new.

I think that, like many other things, [Crisis on Infinite Earths] gave us the opportunity to have a fresh start. 'Come on, we're going to create a new costume! '” Todd Helbing, before enthusiastically confessing, ” So there's going to be a really really badass Superman costume in the show and I'm very excited about it!

A new family life

Note that Crisis on Infinite Earths did not only have an impact on Clark's costume. The producer also confessed, it was his whole family who were upset by the events that took place at the start of 2020. “ If you watched it, you saw that at the start of the last crossover , Clark and Lois had a child named Jonathan, ”Todd Helbing recalled. “But the worlds merged and everything was rewritten. Also, at the end of the crossover, Lois could be heard calling Clark to tell him that she had to go home because there was a problem with the boys .”

And where this change may have surprised fans at the time (the couple now have twins), it should actually bring some nice things to the screen with some real family issues, ” We used this opportunity to make children age a little, to make them teenagers, which will change and complicate things for parents . ”

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