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Super Mario Bros: this famous actor wants to play Wario in the next film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

The sequel to the film Super Mario Bros. is not ready to land, but fans already imagine which characters could join the adventure. This could notably be the case of Wario, and a famous actor says he is very interested in this. by the rôle.

Super Mario Bros: This famous actor wants to play Wario in the next film

a sequel tosuper mario bros., the movie

It is far away, the time whenù we had to avoid adaptations of video games into films or series like the plague. The Last of Us, Castlevania, Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends (Arcane)… The excellent quality adaptations are more and more numerous. Even emblematic video game mascots are highlighted, at a glance. the image of Sonic, but also of Mario. In 2023, the animated feature film Super Mario Bros., the Movie received excellent reviews and widespread acclaim. Summer a huge hit at the box office,bringing in more than $1.3 billion. Not surprising, then, that a sequel is already in the works. in the pipeline. While waiting for its release already scheduled for April 2026, an actor is already there. his cards and says he's ready to play the character of Wario.

Super Mario Bros: this famous actor wants to play Wario in the next film< /p>

danny devito as wario?

With the sequel to Super Mario Bros., the movie, Nintendo and the Illumination studio do not have the right to; the mistake. We should not destroy everything that the original film has to offer. bring. To renew public interest, we can already imagine new characters appear. Yoshi's has already Summer teased, but we can also expect the arrival of “antagonists” such as Waluigi and Wario. And in fact, actor Danny DeVito said he was “up for” playing the latter! Asked; on the subject the opportunity for an interview for the channel The Movie Weeb, he says he is open to many projects. But DeVito seems particularly interested in later in the film Super Mario Bros., and even joked that he would ask for a lot of money from the film. Universal if he were to lend his voice to Wario, “but he should be in the movie”.

Super Mario Bros: this famous actor wants to play Wario in the next film

If nothing is official, we are already at risk. seduced by the idea of ​​finding Danny DeVito as Wario, in the original version of the second filmSuper Mario Bros. But Jack Black, who plays Bowser, would prefer to see another Hollywood star play the role. see the decision Nintendo will make.

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