Super Mario Bros: Chris Pratt's dubbing criticized, he responds to haters

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Super Mario Bros: Chris Pratt's dubbing criticized, he responds to haters

A few months ago, when the official trailer for the animated film Super Mario Bros was released, we heard cringe from the fans of the nice Italian plumber in the depths of the Mushroom Kingdom. The reason ? The dubbing of Mario, provided by Chris Pratt, is considered to be totally out of step with the original voice of the video game. And, de facto, a cult character. Some comments on YouTube even criticize the Guardians of the Galaxy star for not making any effort to make his voice match the hero. Others even praised the other dubbed versions like the V.F. which would suit this animated Mario better. But Chris “Star Lord/Super Mario” Pratt has not said his last word.

The American actor responded cash to hatersof his dubbing work. Let them go see the film and then they can talk.”, says Chris Pratt in an interview with Extra TV. We feel a bit irritated by the criticism of some fans: “Once they have seen the film, in all honesty, I think they will want to see it again. Afterwards, this one tempers his remarks a little more, nuances the attacks of the hardcore fans of Super Mario, the game, against him. “Honestly, we are talking about passionate fans, I understand them, I am one of them. [Mario's voice, editor's note] it's the soundtrack of your youth. And you don't want anyone cynically destroying that for the sake of it.” Chris Pratt narrowly avoids game over with Mario aficionados.

Super Mario Bros: Chris Pratt tries to reassure the fanbase of Mario

Faced with hating Regarding his dubbing, Chris Pratt tries to reassure all Mario fans by also lining up in the fanbase of the hero and muse of Nintendo. “I completely understand that they don’t want that to happen. But so many hearts, souls and minds have gone into making sure that doesn't happen. The film really pays homage to the video game and Mario universe.” There, the actor scores a point. In fact, Melty had the chance to see the film in press screening and we have to admit that the film is very faithful to the source material. We will talk about it very soon on our site… Chase the promo and it comes galloping back: “It’s very promising for the next ten years, to create a cinematic universe. [The creators] are very steeped in nostalgia. They are very funny. Despicable Me is Illumination . They know what they are doing.” Everyone is the judge, therefore, as to which dubbed version they will prefer to see at the cinema. For our part, we favored the V.F. of Super Mario Bros – The Film that is very nice with the voice actor PierreTessier who lends his voice to Mario. Sorry Chris. But, isn't the important thing to go and see the film, which will be released on April 5th in theaters? Definitely. Here we go!