Super league: Shijiazhuang vs Hebei Yilinshanzhuang live streaming free

Super league: Shijiazhuang vs Hebei Yilinshanzhuang live streaming free

Shijiazhuang vs Hebei Yilinshanzhuang live streaming free
Shijiazhuang – Hebei Yilinshanzhuang. Forecast for the Chinese Championship match (August 31, 2020).

On August 31, within the framework of the seventh round of the Chinese Super League, Group B “Shijiazhuang” – “Hebei Yilinshanzhuang” will meet. This match can be safely called a six-point game. The nominal owners wins – the gap will be reduced to one point, and with it the intrigue in the struggle for getting into the playoff zone will increase significantly. The nominal guests win – the gap increases to seven points, and it will be daunting to catch up with the opponent in the standings. Who will be stronger? Read about it in our forecast.

Shiichjiang Yungchang
“Shijiazhuang” claims to show its best result in its short nine-year existence. So far, Yongchan Hills’ highest achievement is seventh in 2015. But in order to surpass him, you must at least not lose the upcoming match, but ideally win it altogether.

If we look at the results of the team’s matches, we will see that it is difficult for Afshin Gotbi’s wards to jump over the head. It seems that they stumbled only two times, losing to Wuhan (1: 2) and Chongqing (0: 1), but with one victory over Tianjin (3: 0) it is clearly not enough to count on a place in four. And today’s match will give us an answer to the question of whether the club will fight for the playoff zone or not.

Hebei China
For Hebei Yilinshanzhuang , not getting into the medal battle zone will be considered a serious failure, so the club will be very serious this evening. Moreover, a year earlier, the club gave the worst result in the Super League – 11th place. Obviously, no one intends to repeat this “success”.

The team of seven matches lost two, and both fell to the intermediate leaders of the group – Shanghai (0: 4) and Beijin (1: 3). And these two fights are very revealing. Hebei was unable to defeat their slightly stronger counterparts. But it is one thing when you yield in the struggle and even have superiority, as in the latter case, and quite another thing when you are carried out in one wicket, as did “Shanghai”.

Yes, maybe then the players had not yet reached their optimal condition, especially since now there is a good streak of three victories in a row, which you need to strive to prolong.

Hebei is among the worst teams in terms of conceded goals – 13 (12th place);
In the first round, the clubs drew 2: 2, and Hebei was already outnumbered;
Shijiazhuang consistently concedes in every match that they could not win.

The last fight between these guys turned out to be exciting and extremely productive. It seems that even now we have the right to see something similar. “Hebei” itself is a very fun team that loves to play attacking, and “Shijiazhuang” without goals scored will not see victory.

Our forecast is total over (2.5) . The bookmaker Fonbet offers a coefficient of 1.65 for such an outcome.

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