Sumskaya, Bilyk, Monroe and other stars starred nude for the “Antiageism” photo project

Sumskaya, Bilyk, Monroe and other stars starred nude for the “Antiageism” photo project

The photo project implemented the idea that age does not matter

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Sumskaya, Bilyk, Monroe and other stars starred nude for the

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On September 8, a social provocative project “Antiageism. Age Doesn't Matter” by photographer Trisha was presented in Kiev, in which nude Ukrainian celebrities starred. Among them are Olga Sumskaya, Irina Bilyk, Dima Kolyadenko, Monroe, Vasilisa Frolova, duet Anna-Maria, Katya Buzhinskaya, Anna Dobrydneva.

The goal of the photo project is to show beauty, freedom, courage and sexuality beyond time frames and stereotypes, to teach to accept and love oneself at any age.

Sumskaya, Bilyk, Monroe and other stars starred nude for the

Photo project “Antiageism”

According to the photographer, shooting “Antiageism” is the first step towards the formation of a new social trend for a sexy body at any age and the development of tolerance for free display of the body, regardless of the number in the passport.

“I am sure that it is not age that makes a person, but a person makes his age attractive and interesting for others,” Iryna Bilyk shared. “Recently I wrote a song in which there are such words:“ Old age was invented by sad people. Believe me, I will never be old. Life is given to us in order to fall in love and hug and kiss. “Here is the answer to all your questions.”

“A woman’s sexuality does not fade away with age, she blooms with new colors, deeper and fuller,” Olga Sumskaya said. “The Antiageism project is simply necessary today, as a statement of mature beauty!”

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The first part of Project Antiage was filmed in February. Then nine girls appeared in Trisha's lens – a group of friends “Stylish Butterflies”, as they call themselves. In continuation of the photo story, the idea was supported by Ukrainian celebrities who took off their clothes for shooting Trisha.

“After the release of the first part of the project, I began to receive dozens of letters of gratitude from women 40-60 + years old, and they all wanted to join. My world turned upside down,” Trisha shares. celebrities. ”

The photo exhibition “Antiageism” takes place from September 9 to October 9 in the Dialog Hub space. The entrance is free.

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