Suicide of a teenager in Poissy: The parents of the harassed high school student “outraged and frightened” by the letter from the rectorate

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indignation This letter threatened the parents with slanderous denunciation proceedings, and spoke of “supposed harassment” regarding Nicolas

Suicide of a teenager in Poissy: The parents of the high school student harassed “outraged and frightened” by the letter from the rectorate

Illustration of school bullying. — DURAND FLORENCE/SIPA

« Supposé harassment, “unacceptable comments”… The letter from the rectorate sent in May to the parents of the harassed teenager who committed suicide à Poissy left last September; Nicolas's parents were “outraged and frightened”, according to comments collected by AFP.

« You called into question the functions and threatened management staff (…). The comments you made and the behavior you showed towards National Education personnel whose professionalism and integrity are underlined. did not have to “to be called into question in this way, are unacceptable,” said this letter revealed in the letter. by BFM TV, which threatened the parents with slanderous denunciation proceedings, and spoke of a “supposedly” harassment » regarding Nicolas.

Possible complaint

In a previous letter, to which the rectorate responded, the parents complained of having had no news from the principal following the school's decision. a meeting around their child's case, the principal reproaching them in return for not having sought to find out more. à connect with the community educational.

“ We have been “outraged and frightened to receive such letters,” he said. Nicolas's mother, Béatrice, who specified that not having decided yet if she was going to file a complaint. “Before making this decision, we are waiting for the results of the investigations and the actions that will be taken by the government,” she explained. during a written exchange with AFP on Sunday.

Suicide attempt

Two members of the government reacted on Saturday, after the publication of letters from the rectorate and the high school principal by BFMTV. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne qualified of « shocking » the tone of the missive. “This letter is a shame, a shame”, for his part declared Gabriel Attal, who ordered an administrative investigation. For the teenager's mother, these official reactions showed that finally, their “son was recognized in his suffering and his harassment”.

His son committed suicide. on September 5, at upon returning to a new establishment. From mid-October 2022, Nicolas's parents realized their goal. that their son was being harassed and alerted them to the teaching team. In mid-March, they learned from his psychologist that their son attempted suicide in January. « It’s up to date at that moment “that we have put everything in motion to help our son, handrail, meeting with the principal, exchange of letters, etc.,” she listed.< /p>

Nicolas had changed; establishment

After a first meeting with the educational team, the parents sent a message. They sent a new letter to the principal, but only received in response the letters criticized by Élisabeth Borne and Gabriel Attal. “We still do not know whether even a symbolic sanction was imposed.” issued to against harassers,” she deplored.

At the start of the school year, Nicolas had changed his style. establishment. “ This summer he was happy to spend vacation with me. He had to do a work-study CAP in electricity. At the start of the school year, he was stressed. “because he was starting something new,” Béatrice.


Gabriel Attal, who was alongside the family on Friday for the funeral of the teenager who died in Paris. at the age of 15, indicated Saturday that he was awaiting the conclusions of the administrative investigation he had initiated « within fifteen days ». “ I will draw all the conclusions, including in terms of sanctions,” said the minister.

This Monday, he must bring together the rectors of the whole country ” for an audit in all the rectorates on all harassment situations reported to the rectorates over the past year.