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A strike in a sugar refinery hits businesses

In Saskatoon, supermarkets are out of stock of sugar, December 7, 2023.


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In Saskatchewan, the strike taking place in a sugar refinery of the Rogers Sugar company in British Columbia is causing a shortage in certain businesses.< /p>

I'm out of stock, Saskatoon grocer Rakesh Halari said Wednesday. I don't know when there will be another one.

The trader plans to source its supplies from Ontario and increase its imports from India to alleviate the sugar shortage. However, he emphasizes that he will have to increase his prices accordingly.

Prices will be 35 to 40% higher, explains the ;grocer.

Customers take what they find, says Rakesh Haliri, because this is the time of year when they really have it need.

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Rakesh Halari runs a grocery store in Saskatoon. He explains that the sugar disappears within a few hours and that he has to source it from other suppliers.

According to baker Dessy Fadeyi, the situation is frightening for artisan bakers. I was [at the grocery store] the day before. There was no sugar at the Superstore and [another] grocery store I always go to, she said.

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At the moment, Ms. Fadeyi is delaying her orders for Christmas, for fear of not being able to meet demand.

The supply is happening little by little, notes the baker-pastry chef. She adds that she does not stock up, to allow other bakers and customers in Saskatoon to stock up on sugar.

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In Saskatoon, Dessy Fadeyi sells baked goods from her kitchen. (Archive photo)

It will be more difficult. The last thing we need is people stockpiling. This only makes the situation worse, notes the director of the agri-food analysis laboratory at Dalhousie University, Sylvain Charlebois.

According to him, the other aspect of the current shortage is that brown sugar is more difficult to find than white sugar.

We've noticed that brown sugar is 15% more expensive since mid-October, which is a lot; It’s huge, says Sylvain Charlebois. As for white sugar, it increased by almost 11%.

Mr. Charlebois believes that the strike is likely to continue.

I think that the strike will last at least seven to eight months.

A quote from Sylvain Charlebois, director of the agri-food analysis laboratory at Dalhousie University

In the meantime, he said, grocers will source from suppliers in other countries, such as the United States, which will continue to drive up prices.

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