“Such a cool dancer”: Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh lit the singer to the track

“Such a cool dancer”: Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh lit the singer to the track

Fans of the star couple praised Potap's abilities

Anna Ponomarenko

Show business section editor

Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh continue to delight the audience with their creativity. Recently, Nastya released a hot Spanish-language track A huevo, to which not only her fans, but also Kamenskikh herself and her husband dance now.

On her Instagram page, the singer posted a video in which she and Potap light up to her new song, presumably at home.

“Who knew that Potap was such a cool dancer? 100/100,” Kamenskikh signed the publication.

The video instantly scored hundreds of thousands of likes and views. In the comments, fans of the star couple noted that Potap really moves well, hinting to Nastya in a playful manner that her husband is superior to her in choreography.

“Nastya, forgive me, but Potap is sexier”, “Potap is more feminine”, “Now it is clear who comes up with dances for NK. The hand of the master is visible!” cooler “,” Potap is cooler “, – write Nastya's followers.

We will remind, Nastya Kamenskikh showed subscribers a picture taken in the morning. The artist demonstrated how she looks without makeup, styling and stylish outfit.

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