Such a great sun: who is Sylvie's murderer? The truth finally revealed , and it's ridiculous

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Such a big sun: who is Sylvie's murderer? The truth has finally come to light, and it's ridiculous

Such a big sun: who is Sylvie's murderer? The truth finally unveiled and it's ridiculous It is in the episode of Wednesday, December 7, 2022 that the screenwriters of Un si grand soleil will reveal the answer to the question: who killed Sylvie? Unfortunately, the end of this mystery will appear as the most ridiculous and stupid thing in the history of the series since its launch on France 2. Warning, spoilers!

It's no secret that you have to be patient with the daily series. And it's not Such a big sunwhich will contradict us since the screenwriters have been playing on the same mystery for several weeks now: the death of Sylvie (Olivia Brunaux). And after whole episodes of wondering about this death, the answer to this tragedy will FINALLY be provided.

Who killed Sylvie?

At present, everything seems to indicate that the person responsible for Sylvie's death is none other than Guilhem (Manuel Blanc), her husband. However, one suspects it, such a reality would be much too simple (and deceptive) for such a plot. Good news, the authors have indeed chosen a completely different path, much more unexpected. Bad news, this does not mean that it is a success. Quite the contrary.

According to Allociné, another totally WTF track will thus be launched in the episode of this Wednesday, December 7, 2022. “Hugo will come to the conclusion that it is not impossible that the death of Guilhem's wife was accidental“, reveal our colleagues, while the pathologist will wonder about the marks present on the forearms of the victim. To find out for sure, he will therefore go to his home to look for new clues.

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The culprit finally found (and it's ridiculous)

On the spot, Hugo then goes note the presence of “several bird feathers on the ground“, which will then lead him to “discover a dead owl in the flue of the chimney“. A discovery so surprising that he will embark the animal in order to autopsy and analyze it. And it's what he's going to discover that is going to put everyone on their ass: it's the owl that killed Sylvie.< /p>

Why ? How ? Get ready to face the most ridiculous scenario in recent months on television. According to the analysis, it will be revealed that “the owl had eaten a rodent corpse which had itself ingested rat poison“. However, the poison would have continued to act in the body of the bird, which would have completely disoriented it to the point of making it enter the house.

Once inside, the owl would have taken fright and would have inadvertently attacked Sylvie (hence the marks on her arms). To this end, Guilhem's wife would then have tried to protect herself and would simply have lost her balance, causing her to fall fatally down the stairs. Moments later, the poor owl is said to have died as a result of his poisoning.

Yes, you read that right, Sylvie is probably the cause of the most useless and improbable death in the world. history of the series. A real disappointment after so many mysteries, which should blow fans of Plus belle la vie, a competing series often criticized for its stories until its cancellation by France 3…


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