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Successor to ATACMS: The US has successfully tested the PrSM missile against a warship

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun24,2024

Successor of ATACMS: the US successfully tested a PrSM missile against a warship

From the unmanned version of HIMARS, two PrSM ballistic missiles were launched at once. The target of the tests was the former ship of the US Navy USS Cleveland.

As part of the Valiant Shield 2024 exercises, the US Armed Forces tested the PrSM ballistic missile against moving surface targets. This is reported by Naval News. On June 16, the 3rd Multidisciplinary Task Force and the 1-181st Field Artillery Regiment of the Tennessee National Guard deployed two short-range PrSM (Precision Strike Missile) ballistic missiles. The target was a sea moving target. Strikes against surface and underwater ships were practiced at the exercises. A ballistic missile for the first time confirmed the ability to hit moving targets.

During the tests, it was not officially reported at what range the target was hit, but PrSM can qualitatively increase the anti-ship capabilities of the US Army in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, the ammunition was launched from the AML unmanned installation — Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher. It can receive information from ships, anti-aircraft defense aircraft and other systems to increase the accuracy of the strike.

The target for the strike was the scrapped hull of the Austin-type amphibious transport dock of the former USS Cleveland.

It should be noted that that PrSM — it's not one ballistic missile, it's a family of munitions. Probably, the military used Increment Two, which was created specifically for naval purposes. Its range has been increased from 500 to 1000 km, and the missile itself has a multi-mode homing head. The production version of the Increment Two missile should arrive in 2028.

The HIMARS or M270 launcher can hold 2 missiles instead of one as on HIMARS with ATACMS.

Natasha Kumar

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