“Successful teleworking”: adapting to a new reality

“Successful teleworking”: adapting to a new reality

After completely failing his first teleworking experience, which was ugly on many points, the entrepreneur Nicolas Duvernois looked into the reasons for this failure. While doing research on the subject, he had the idea to write, with collaborators, Successful teleworking. A real little guide to the art of “teleworking”, this book covers the issue: mental and physical health, posture, virtual meetings, accounting advice, practical tools.

Teleworking has become a new reality, pandemic obliges, and Nicolas Duvernois plunged into it, head first. “The first day, we say to ourselves, it’s great and we found a lot of positive sides. But very quickly, reality is on board, ”he commented in an interview.

Is telecommuting suitable for everyone? “There is the health reality, which means that we are forced to telework. But beyond that, teleworking depends on everyone. “

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