Subaru presented a new sports car

Subaru presented a new sports car

Subaru unveiled new sports car

Photo: SubaruSubaru 10th Anniversary Edition BRZ

About 200 cars will be launched, for those customers who can choose a gearbox.

The Japanese company Subaru has released a new sports car Subaru 10th Anniversary Edition BRZ, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the BRZ brand. Let me know about CarBuzz.

It matters if a company issues less than 200 cars, yakі you can buy from 28 limes to 30 springs of streaming rock. Transport price – 27.995 – $32,295. The sports car is equipped with a 228-horsepower 2.3-liter engine. The Anniversary edition model will also be available with a manual or automatic transmission. Earlier it was said that Hyundai showed its first new electric car, the Ioniq 6.