Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

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 Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

The MOSCOT brand appeared in Israel and it is very pleasing. Maybe because now everyone can become “Johnny Depp”, or because such a small Israel has become the capital of fashion brands that no self-respecting brand can underestimate.

Perhaps the reason is that MOSCOT — a Jewish family from Eastern Europe who immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century and became a huge success.

Or because they still own an old little store in the heart of Manhattan and know all the customers by names.

 Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

The MOSCOT brand has become synonymous with quality, classics and Hollywood star style for many reasons.

First, the brand has never deviated from optics in any way. which direction, secondly, the motto of the brand – convenience.

 Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel < /p>

Even though the brand's designers do sometimes turn to trends like oversized, they still remain true to the small classic frames that have always characterized the brand. Thirdly, we are talking about a huge accumulated experience, turned into an uncompromising quality, fourthly… This list could be endless. It is worth going and trying it on in order to understand and evaluate it yourself.

Unfortunately, not all models end up in Israel, but today Israel can boast of classic and iconic models of the brand.

< p> Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

Unfortunately we don't get to NYC that often to walk around Battery Park, have coffee and French toast on Fifth Avenue, go to the crazy donut shop near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But you can always jump into the heart of Tel Aviv and buy yourself a piece of New York called MOSCOT.

 Stylish MOSCOT glasses in Israel

Brand glasses can be purchased online at Optica Blissima.

https://www.facebook .com/opticabeli/posts/5442023662498603/?ref=notif

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