Strýcová will not be persuaded after her triumph at Wimbledon, she will finish after the US Open

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Strýacute; will not be persuaded after the triumph in Wimbledon, she will finish after the US Open

Two-time Wimbledon doubles winner Barbora Strýcová at a press conference, July 19, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Despite the triumph in the Wimbledon doubles, tennis player Barbora Strýcová is determined to end her career in September after the Grand Slam US Open. He will not be persuaded to continue. She told journalists today at the press conference that she has not yet processed the victory with her Taiwanese teammate Sie Shu-wei. After the final duel, she made it to the end of the Champions Ball in London, the trophy will arrive in the Czech Republic in the next few days. He will also show it before the Livesport Prague Open tournament, where he will say goodbye to the home fans.

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Str&yacute ;he won't be persuaded after the Wimbledon triumph, he will finish after the US Open

Strý will not be persuaded after the triumph in Wimbledon, it will end after the US Open

< p>Strý will not be persuaded after the triumph in Wimbledon, will finish after the US Open

Strýacute; won't be talked out of it after the Wimbledon triumph, she'll finish after the US Open< /p>

“After winning Wimbledon, it flashed through my head if now is not the right time to quit, because it doesn't get any better. But I'm a person who, if I set a plan, I want to fulfill it. And the plan was that I would play the last US Open tournament, ” said Strýcová. “I secretly wanted to do well at Wimbledon because it's the most important tournament and always will be. I wanted to do well. Now I have the cup, but I'm going to say goodbye to tennis at the US Open. I want to keep it. I want it 'Hello, tennis ' say there,” she added.

The 37-year-old native of Pilsen, who returned to the competition courts as part of a farewell tour this April, was also persuaded by the president of the association Ivo Kaderka to continue before the press conference. For Strýcová, son Vincent is the priority. “I'm determined that I'm quitting. It's wonderful what we've achieved. But it takes an awful lot of hard work. I don't have babysitters, I have a grandmother, mother, and mother-in-law who help me a lot. The prospect of continuing at this pace is unimaginable,” she noted.

Strycová followed up on their joint triumph from 2019 at Wimbledon with Sie Shu-wei. “If someone had told me at the time that four years later I would have a son, come back and win Wimbledon again, I wouldn't have believed them. Maybe I don't believe it even now ” Strýcová recounted amusedly. “What we had with Shuwei in 2019 came together. We love playing on grass and it's our favorite surface. Sometimes you come to a place and that feeling comes back to you. Match after match you could see how we are improving and starting to complement each other,” she assessed.

After the match, she visited the final part of the Champions Ball, but paid for the later end of her match. “I didn't manage to do anything at all. We left for the ball at a quarter to twelve and it ended at twelve. I went even without washing my head, but at that moment I wanted to make it. We were there for half an hour, they listened to Markéta's (Vondroušová) speech and Carlos (Alcaraz),” she said, appreciating the numerous Czech participation. In addition to the singles winner Vondroušová, there were also juniors Jakub Filip, Laura Samsonová and Alena Kovačková, who succeeded in the doubles. “For a small country, this is a huge success,” she said.

She didn't take anything big with her from London. But he will keep the envelope and the invitation to the Champions Ball as a souvenir. The winning trophy will arrive to her in the next few days, as the organizers have not yet had time to engrave the names of the champions on it.

“All the trophies are different with my parents. I prefer to put them with them. I know that it is there together and always I like to go and see it. It's in one room on a shelf where they are placed next to each other. I'll also put the two Wimbledons together,” added Strýcová. He will also show the cup at the Sparta tennis complex on July 30 before the start of the main part of the WTA category tournament.

He will say goodbye to the home fans in Prague's Stromovka. “I'll be happy if people come and we'll fill the court. I've always liked playing in Prague. But you also have to know what time to put me in so people aren't at work,” she joked, alluding to the competition's schedule.

The Wimbledon results gave her confidence. “I'm looking forward to it. I have to gather strength and get myself together. I'll ride a little on the wave that I have the confidence and believe in myself. I realized that I'm playing good tennis and I think I can win a few matches. There will be excellent players here , so we'll see who I get in the first round. I'll leave everything there,” added Strýcová.