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Structuring transport: the CAQ is watching “the train pass », according to Claude Villeneuve

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Claude Villeneuve, leader of the official opposition at city hall of Quebec

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The official opposition at Quebec City Hall is not encouraged by the consultations on mobility carried out by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. According to its leader, Claude Villeneuve, the exercise mainly serves to “shovel forward” the decisions of the Legault government regarding the structuring transport project.

Absent from the public debate for family reasons for ten days, the leader of the official opposition did not emerge impressed from his meeting with representatives of the Infra subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), at the end of last month.

According to him, the CDPQ is working to deliver a transportation network concept to the government by the month of June.

Claude Villeneuve believes that the desire of the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, to believe in the mandate of the Caisse, will not bring the city any closer to the start of a structuring project.

There is leadership in Quebec that does not exist. He is not at city hall and he is not at the National Assembly either. This is a problem.

A quote from Claude Villeneuve, leader of Québec d'first

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Claude Villeneuve judges that the government of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is watching the train go by when it comes to public transportation.

He Perhaps the mayor should say it, said Claude Villeneuve impatiently on Monday, on the sidelines of Carnival activities.

If the leader of Quebec first draws a negative assessment of the five years in power of the CAQ in the National Capital, he also deplores that Bruno Marchand is not able to advance Quebec's issues.

The mayor and the government of Quebec form a bit of a couple where everyone looks at each other and no one takes the initiative, except to block each other, he deplores. We are promised projects, but in the end nothing ever comes to fruition!

Claude Villeneuve fears seeing a climate of gloom set in in Quebec, which could undermine investor confidence.

With Jean-Paul L'Allier and Régis Labeaume, we felt that things were moving in Quebec and that things were happening, says Mr. Villeneuve. There was a desire to invest in Quebec. It's dying out.

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