Manufacturers have long been offering customers a huge selection of cases for smartphones made from the most exotic materials. However, Newcloth went one step further and unveiled the world's first iPhone case made from ultra-strong and lightweight Vectran, a rare material widely used in the space industry.

Stronger than Kevlar: World's first Space Vectran iPhone case unveiled

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Named Product ZPX-001 Martian Sunset and is made of Vectran, a special polyester liquid crystal fiber whose properties closely resemble those of Kevlar fibers. It is claimed that Vectran is approximately 20-50% stronger than the same Kevlar. This material was first used to protect the body of the Pathfinder rover during its landing on the surface of the Red Planet as part of the US Aerospace Agency mission in 1997. In addition, Vectran is widely used in the creation of spacesuits, as well as on board the ISS.

The Vectran iPhone case weighs only 15 grams and is 0.75 mm thick. At the same time, the product supports Apple MagSafe accessories. The case costs $99 and is limited to 2,000 copies. There is also a more exclusive series of accessories called Martian Pathfinder – for each of the two hundred such cases, the manufacturer asks for $149.



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