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Strike vote Franco-Ontarian teachers in January

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Franco-Ontarian teachers will hold a strike vote from January 24 to 26. (Archive photo)


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Claiming that negotiations are “no longer moving forward” on certain subjects, the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers (AEFO) will organize a strike vote for its 12,000 members from January 24 to 26.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">AEFO also asks the Ministry of Labor to appoint a conciliator to move the talks forward more quickly.

In a press release, the union accuses the provincial government and the Council of Employer Associations (CAE) of making requests to cut the working conditions of its members.

Anne Vinet-Roy, president of the AEFO, cites the workload and the shortage of staff. She says union members are starting to get impatient, after nearly a year and a half of negotiations.

A strike vote is an additional tool that we will seek. That doesn't mean we're going to strike the day after the vote.

A quote from Anne Vinet-Roy, president of the AEFO

Loading“The time is serious”, says the Inter-union Common Front to the Legault government

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: “The time is serious”, says the Inter-union Common Front to the Legault government

Ms Vinet-Roy affirms that if the union obtains a strike mandate in January and then opts for pressure tactics, teachers could first go on a work-to-rule or rotating strike, before an unlimited walkout.

The union members' collective agreements expired on August 31, 2022.

Last September, Education Minister Stephen Lecce encouraged teachers' unions, including the AEFO, to resort to arbitration to resolve disputed issues, in order to achieve a better solution. avoid a strike.

This is the option already chosen by the Federation of Secondary School Teachers of the L' Ontario (FEESO) and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation (EFEO). For its part, the English Catholic Teachers' Association is continuing negotiations, but has already held a strike vote.

At this time , binding arbitration is not something that we look at as a whole, specifies Ms. Vinet-Roy, who adds, however, that the union could opt for arbitration in order to settle certain points .

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