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Strike paralyzes part of public transit in Greater Vancouver

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After the failure of negotiations, the strike began Monday morning. (Archive photo)


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Monday morning, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 4500 begins a 48-hour strike. Buses and Seabuses operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company are not running, which could impact tens of thousands of travelers.

SkyTrain services , HandyDART paratransit, West Coast Express train and Blue Bus buses, which mainly serve West Vancouver, are not affected by the strike, says TransLink.

CUPE Local 4500 represents more than 180 supervisors who manage transit operations in Metro Vancouver for Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC). She believes that the negotiations carried out as part of mediation this weekend did not result in an agreement on a new collective agreement.

The strike is expected to last until Wednesday morning at 3 a.m.

Although Local 4500 represents only a small portion of TransLink's approximately 6,000 employees, bus drivers said they would not cross their colleagues' picket lines.

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TransLink says none of the lines operated by CMBC will be operational, including service 214 between Blueridge and Phibbs Exchange in North Vancouver, during morning and evening rush hours.

Service 214 will, however, operate at other times of the day during the strike.

The union says it wants to reduce the pay gap between its members and other TransLink supervisors. He also wants agreement on what he calls “critical workload issues.”

For its part, the Coast Mountain Bus Company says the union refused an offer for increased overtime pay, as well as improved benefits and engagement. She also suggests hiring more supervisors.

CUPE has filed a complaint with the Labor Relations Board against TransLink and other transportation service providers. The union believes they tried to limit the impact of its strike.

If the complaint is accepted, the strike could impact other TransLink services. The union representing SkyTrain employees says it is ready to close all services in solidarity with CMBC supervisors.

The president of CUPE Local 7000, which represents rapid transit and rail workers, Tony Rebelo said that if SkyTrain stations are behind picket lines, his members will refuse to cross them and SkyTrain will not work.

TransLink recommends impacted travelers carpool, bike, walk or use parking lots at certain SkyTrain stations if they want to use the network on Monday.

Some educational institutions, such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), have announced that they will not change their courses due to the strike, specifying that the Teachers will have to arrange for their students to learn in other ways.

Many industry organizations have expressed concern about the #x27;impact of the strike. On Sunday, the Surrey Chamber of Commerce said in a statement that the strike would jeopardize workers, businesses and our economy.

With information from Simon Gohier and The Canadian Press

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