Strict punishment is demanded for the policeman who shot a passenger of a car in front of children in Dnipro

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Severe punishment is demanded for the policeman who shot a car passenger in front of children in Dnipro

Photo: t. me/dneproperatyv

In Dnipro, police officers behaved too aggressively and shot a man in the back in front of children (three! shots were fired).

Public activist, human rights activist, politician’ January in the case of “March 9, 2001” (action “Ukraine without Kuchma”), volunteer of the Russian-Ukrainian war, former head of the department of national and patriotic education of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mykola Lyakhovich believes that the murderer should receive the most severe punishment.

“No matter what that man and woman did, the policeman who shot the man in the back with a gun, in front of the children, should be imprisoned for life! relate to the family, and in particular to children. Unfortunately, my pregnant wife and children also encountered these sociopaths when they were being chased by scumbags from the “juvenile police” Kyiv, knowing that I am in the Armed Forces, in the combat zone.

When, God willing, we return alive from the front, there will be a lot of work to clean Ukraine of garbage, which the people rightly call “garbage”. Who lives on our taxes, but protects only the oligarchy and gay parades, and attacks other citizens, even in the presence of children, and even the children and pregnant wives of military personnel who are in the war zone”, – Lyakhovich wrote in his blog.

We will remind that a policeman who shot a man was detained in Dnipro. A pre-trial investigation has been launched in the criminal proceedings on the facts of intentional homicide and abuse of official authority by law enforcement officers.

According to the investigation, two patrolmen stopped a car in which minor children were. When asked to get out of the car, the driver and passengers refused, after which they began to pull them out of the car by force, and also used a gas canister.

During the fight, the policeman fired three shots into the passenger's back from a service weapon. He died on the spot from the gunshot wounds.

A video of the conflict between two patrol policemen and the driver and passengers of the car appeared on the Internet.

On them, you can see how the policemen are trying to get the girl out. from the car, but it resists. The video ends with a confrontation between a man and a patrolman. The man walks towards the patrol officer, a scream is heard, after which the patrol officer shoots him three times (!).

The patrol police said that the employees were suspended. The DBR reports that the driver of the luxury car “ignored the legal requirements of the traffic rules”, had signs of alcohol intoxication and behaved aggressively.