Strasbourg: Matt Pokora takes out his checkbook for the SIG basketball club

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money content Strasbourg resident Matt Pokora will invest in SIG, his city's basketball club. Financial aid that comes at the right time for the club which is experiencing some economic turbulence

Strasbourg: Matt Pokora takes out his checkbook for the SIG basketball club

Archives, Matt Pokora in 2014 launches Christmas lights in Strasbourg. —G. Varela/20 Minutes

Right to the basket. Sunday evening, at Rhenus following; the victory of the SIG against; Nanterre 71-57, a match he attended, singer Matt Pokora confirmed; that he had decided to invest 50,000 euros in SIG, reports France 3 Grand-Est. In love with Strasbourg, his city, from which he received the city's medal of honor in 2018 from the hands of former mayor Roland Ries and sports fan, Matt Pokora declared: that this investment “was very important to him” heart » and that this “makes him very excited.”

The singer explained that his decision had been correct. a little influenced by his friend Tony Parker, the latter telling him that he had “an energy and something to do” bring to the club in your city ». After finding out more on the financial situation of the club with one of the shareholders Christophe Schalk, Matt Pokora decided to take action. to invest financially but also to share your experience in marketing and merchandising for the club.

And the artist sees even further. He wishes to address, at the next general meeting of the club, the question of limiting the maximum investment amount provided for by the text (50,000 euros). His idea was to attract larger investors to increase the club's capital.