Stranger Things season 4: filming will (finally) resume!

Stranger Things season 4: filming will (finally) resume!

Stranger Things season 4: filming will (finally) resume!

Stranger Things season 4: filming will (finally) resume! Good news to start the week, it always feels good. We have just learned that the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things – whose production has been interrupted since March because of the Covid-19, should finally resume. It's Netflix that must be rubbing its hands!

For a few weeks now, Netflix has been breaking many hearts among its subscribers. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, several shootings are indeed at a standstill, which inevitably leads to large financial losses. Also, the streaming platform was recently forced to cancel several series beloved by the public but moderately powerful in terms of audiences, with the hope of filling the gaps in its budget.

Stranger Things finally up and running?

Good news, the light seems (finally) to be at the end of the tunnel for Netflix. While the production of season 2 of The Witcher has recently resumed, it is the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things that should in turn be launched. According to Deadline's information, the creative team of fantasy fiction worn by Millie Bobby Brown would aim to turn the cameras back on from September 28 !

So beware, it's still a little too early to get excited. The American site specifies it, ” Netflix did not wish to comment on this information ” and ” as is the case with any other production in this period of pandemic, the date can possibly change “. Especially, we could recently see it with the movie The Batman , just the appearance of a new case within the team on the sets to slow down all the efforts on the set.

Good news for the series

Nonetheless, this revelation remains good news. First, the sooner filming resumes, the sooner it will be broadcast on Netflix. Suffice to say that at the moment, we can at best hope for an online publication at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.

Second, it reminds us that Netflix is counting on Stranger Things for the future, despite its gigantic cost which can be difficult in these times of health / economic crisis. It should therefore not know a fate at The Society which had been renewed in 2019 before being finally canceled this summer even though production had just started …

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